Only an educated and informed people will be a free people.” – John F. Kennedy

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We have relaunched our fundraiser campaign on the GiveSendGo platform! Many have requested that we set up a fundraising campaign so donations can be made easily via debit or credit card from anywhere in the world, in any currency. The campaign is now set up and thanks to the amazing GiveSendGo platform, you can choose to make a Single Donation (once off donation) or a Monthly Donation from a minimum amount of just $5! Contributions of any size are deeply appreciated and if you prefer, there is an option to remain anonymous.

For those who prefer donating in cryptocurrency, we do accept donations in Bitcoin. Just click the BTC button at the bottom of the page for our crypto details! If you are unable to make a financial contribution, the GiveSendGo platform allows you to send us a prayer! Prayer Donations will keep us strong and protected as we continue this journey for the sake of our children, grandchildren and beyond.

Proceeds from financial donations are used to finance costs associated with hosting free admission Crimes Against Humanity Tour events all across the USA to awaken the general public to the evidence that proves crimes against humanity are being committed. Your contributions will be used to pay for venues, audio visual equipment, travel and accommodation for our management and speakers. Some of our speakers have selflessly sacrificed profesional careers to stand up for truth and do the right thing.

About Us: 

Conscious Events Global was probably the first to face online censorship when we hosted a tour of Australia in early 2018. The focus of the tour was exposing trafficking rings in positions of power, the true origins of the New World Order and how sovereign governments are coerced, bribed and threatened to do deals which result in their country’s natural resources being handed over to multi-national corporations. Later that year, YouTube terminated InfoWars account with 2,4 million followers and worldwide censorship became the norm.

Our goal has always been to inform and awaken people to the truth as we did in 2016 when we hosted the “Worldwide Wake Up Tour” in 8 cities across Australia, New Zealand and the USA. The topic of mandatory vaccines being planned for global rollout was mentioned during the 2016 tour. We are committed to making a difference in the world by awakening people to truth while challenging the forces that seek to subjugate humanity with endless resources at their disposal.

We are a privately funded company with limited resources but have proven that a lot can be achieved with sheer determination and the support of people who believe in truth and freedom. If what we do resonates with you, join our list of amazing supporters and make a donation now! 

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