A passion for people and synchronistic encounters with respected authors and speakers catalyzed life changing experiences that gave rise to us hosting successful events in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America. The ancient practice of communities coming together to discuss information and solutions has evolved into the modern day conference or seminar. Never before has this been more relevant than in the current age of global censorship.

Our vision is to provide a professional platform for extraordinary individuals who inspire change in the world and charter new courses for humanity. We at Conscious Events Global value freedom of expression and the sharing of knowledge. We consider freedom of speech an integral element to understanding the nature of our existence in a complex universe.

What we do

Conscious Events Global is a privately owned company based in South Africa with a successful track record in the international events industry. We have hosted conferences and author tours in the following countries and cities: USA – New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fort Myers, Phoenix, Chicago, Minneapolis, Houston, Dallas, Utah, Philadelphia, New Jersey · Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane · New Zealand – Auckland · South Africa – Johannesburg, Cape Town. Our comprehensive range of services include event conceptualization, project planning, logistics, venue management, ticketing, marketing campaigns, media campaigns, project management, financial management, technical services, hospitality and on-stage production.      

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