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Dr. Richard M. Fleming

“I applied my patented FMTVDM theory on a National Clinical Trials research project involving 1800 symptomatic patients across 7 countries of which 501 patients were hospitalized with COVID-19 and effectively treated patients with a success rate of 99.83 percent.” – Dr Richard M.  Fleming

Dr. Richard Maximus Fleming, PhD, MD, JD, FASNC (Diplomate), FACP/FASM, FACA Preventive & Nuclear Cardiologist, Internist, Researcher, Author, Anti-matter (PET) Specialist, Patent Inventor and Accredited by the Corporate Angel Network. He is currently Director of Fleming Diagnostic Imaging and Therapeutic Management, LLC; Board of Fleming’s Camelot (non profit in formation). Dr. Fleming’s investigation into the cause of heart disease revealed errors in the currently employed methods of detecting heart disease and breast cancer and has developed several methods to “quantitatively” detect these diseases early thereby decreasing deaths, costs, time and radiation treatment with associated risks. He is currently expanding the use of these methods in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

He is the author of “The Fleming Inflammation and Heart Disease Theory” (Fleming Theory) first presented in 1994, inventor and patent holder of “The Fleming Method for Tissue and Vascular Differentiation and Metabolism Using Same State Single or Sequential Quantification Comparisons” (FMTVDM; FlemingMethod) issued in 2017, and the holder of 5 copyrights. His research on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 began in January of 2020 applying both the Fleming Theory and FlemingMethod. The first two research papers were published in November of 2020 with the third paper published in February of 2021. He is author of “Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon? A Scientific and Forensic Investigation.” He was Board Certified in Nuclear Cardiology in 1996 with more than 400 published papers, abstracts and presentations. Dr. Fleming is Journal reviewer on Editorial Boards for 17 Peer Reviewed Journals in Medicine and Physics and owner of 5 copyrights.

Dr. Richard M. Fleming was born and raised in Iowa and is a “Kennedy Kid” who received advanced scientific training through the program and a formal education in Calculus and Particle Physics. He has received degrees in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology graduating second in his class, attended the University of Iowa College of Medicine graduating with High Honors. He completed his law degree receiving class award for memorandum of law. While at Iowa he participated in human research, studying sodium and hypertension by measuring nerve conduction differentiating parasympathetic vs sympathetic responses. He completed internship, residency and a Cardiology fellowship in Houston where he published several papers on QCA, diets and heart disease and trained in Nuclear Cardiology including both SPECT & PET. He is one of three “certified” in PET imaging following a one year course of study on antimatter. He continued his investigation into the cause of heart disease and is the author and copyright holder of “Inflammation and Heart Disease,” and has been on The Today Show, MSNBC & 20/20. He has been involved with several Administrations including as a Moderator for the Obama – Biden Transition Team to discuss the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2008. Click website for more information.

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