Crimes Against Humanity Tour ~ 30 July 2022, Charleston Town Hall, 3454 West 3400 South Charleston, Utah. 11am to 3pm. Live on-stage: Dr. Richard M. Fleming (3,5 hour deep dive presentation)! This event is a FREE event, however Cash Donations are Welcome! Registration desk opens at 10:30am. Crimes Against Humanity seminar begins at 11am and ends by 3pm. Email us on ticketing@consciouseventsglobal.com to RSVP!

Plus link to watch virtual presentations by Tom Renz (USA), Dr. Kevin McCairn (Japan), Dr. Johanna Deinert (Germany), Dr. Andrew Huff (Former EcoHealth Alliance Vice President and Senior Scientist) & Charles Rixey (USA) to be streamed on 31 July! Free virtual event! Email us on ticketing@consciouseventsglobal.com so we can send you the link for the virtual event on Sunday!



Crimes Against Humanity Tour is mobilizing The People into action against the perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity on a global scale! Our legal efforts are paying off as we approach attorney generals to investigate the overwhelming amounts of evidence collated and presented by the Crimes Against Humanity Tour team! FIND OUT WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP BRING INDICTMENTS AGAINST THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

30 July 2022: Dr. Richard M. Fleming Live On-stage (11am ~ 3pm)

Dr. Richard M. Fleming will deliver a powerful 3,5 hour deep dive presentation detailing the overwhelming evidence re Gain of Function weaponization of the bio-weapon virus and vaccinations while debunking sensational theories that divide the resistance movement. And what every American can do to bring the perpetrators to justice. (Live on-stage)

31 July 2022: Virtual Event

Dr. Kevin McCairn (Japan) provides information re neurological and potential prion disorders related to SARS-CoV-2 and the vaxxines. (Virtual – 90mins)

Charles Rixey (ex military Weapons of Mas Destruction Chief) presents evidence from his investigation into the origins of the virus from military perspective including evidence of a massive cover up to protect the perpetrators. (Virtual – 90mins)

Attorney Tom Renz provides a stunning virtual presentation on how the American constitution and judicial system is being circumvented by politicians and globalists. And what can be done about it. (Virtual – 60mins)

Crimes Against Humanity Tour welcomes Dr. Johanna Deinert (Germany) and Dr. Andrew Huff (Former EcoHealth Alliance Vice President and Senior Scientist) who will give virtual presentations at Crimes Against Humanity Tour Utah! 

Is it any suprise that the narrative is already being formulated in countries across the world for the next “pandemic” which will take us into another spate of lockdowns, masks, social distancing and vaccinations? We ask you to join us as we urge attorney generals all across the USA to convene a Grand Jury to investigate the masses of irrefutable evidence of crimes against humanity. The generations before us sacrificed and fought so we could enjoy the benefits of a free world, let us do the same for the generations to come. We ask you to join us as we strive to bring criminal indictments against the perpetrators of crimes against humanity for our children, our grandchildren and beyond. THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR THE USA TO STAND UP!

Charleston Town Hall, 3454 West 3400 South Charleston, Utah.

If you encounter any problems with the booking process, please contact us.